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Paula established CEC in 2007 to build on her 20 years of experience connecting scientific findings to decision-making. Prior to establishing CEC, Paula worked for the US Environmental Protection Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and ran a spatial analysis consulting company, Chesapeake GIS. She has experience working with all levels of government, academic agencies, industry, and non-profit groups. Paula has expertise in estuarine and marine ecology, data development and analysis, climate change impacts and adaptation responses, and the communication of these issues to a variety of audiences.

A graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A. in Biology) and the College of William & Mary’s, Virginia Institute of Marine Science  (M.S. in Marine Science), she has spent much of her professional career sharing her enthusiasm about coastal systems with others and working to affect change.

Paula’s professional service includes appointments on Ecology Project International’s Advisory Council and Vice-Chair for the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Citizen Advisory Committee. She has been a member of the National Association of Science Writers and the Society of Environmental Journalists.

phone: (804) 824-3945

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David is our in-house genius behind programming, graphic design, analysis, and much more. He has always been fascinated by science and had the good fortune to study with the very talented Dr. Walter Boynton at the University of Maryland for his Master’s Degree in Estuarine Ecology.

Prior to co-launching CEC, he was a coastal data analyst for the Chesapeake Bay Program. While there, he was very instrumental in a wide variety of data visualizations and the development of water quality criteria, particularly, the dissolved oxygen criteria. He also investigated and applied various water quality data interpolation techniques. David has expertise in database development and management, programming across a number of platforms and software packages, water quality analysis, and developing targeted communications materials.

phone: (804) 832-0630

Our Team

Jaik-webJaik Henderson

Jaik is our Program Coordinator for the Watermen’s Tourism Program.  As Program Coordinator, Jaik manages the daily activities of the Watermen’s Tourism Program that works with watermen to development tourism opportunities throughout coastal Virginia. This program highlights the heritage of our working watermen and connects it to the growing tourism market throughout coastal Virginia.

Jaik also works on an Electronic Harvest Reporting project that facilitates discussions on online fishing reporting between state managers, commercial watermen, and seafood dealers.

phone: (804) 694-9124

Sally Ann SimsSallySims-web

CEC welcomed Sally to our team in late 2015. She is a conservation and climate change adaptation consultant and worked for a decade as a capacity builder for conservation organizations. She holds an MS in Environmental Studies, Conservation Biology, from Antioch University New England.

Sally’s work focuses on translating climate change adaptation and landscape-scale ecology strategy, science, and datasets for resilience and biodiversity conservation planning and management issues in coastal, terrestrial, and aquatic ecosystems.  Sally researches, synthesizes, and translates science from academics and practitioners to address stakeholder needs for conservation planning and building consensus and collaboration opportunities for conservation in a changing climate.


CEC has a strong network of professional partners to complement our in-house capacity. Our network includes highly skilled individuals, private industry firms, non-profit groups, and trade organizations. This along with our extensive network of connections help us pull together the strongest possible team for our clients.
Our list of affiliates includes:

IRCheader_v2I.R. Consilium provides high-level advice and assistance to governments and organizations focused on peace, security, stability and prosperity. We offer a number of unique services aimed at addressing complex international issues and specialize in projects and programs that require interwoven lines of activity across multiple disciplines. While many of the issues we address include problems of security, we approach those issues holistically, seeking not just to resolve the immediate security concerns but to build stability, promote prosperity and establish lasting peace.

CAMClogoCheryl Andrews Marketing Communications (CAMC) provides expert public relations and communication support for their clients. Together, CAMC and CEC have developed nationally and internationally-recognized ecotourism programs, green travel campaigns, and associated collateral for clients throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Central America.


CEC works with students from several different universities. Internships vary in length and subject area depending on the student’s interest and project needs. Please contact us at Info (at) if  you are interested in learning more about internship opportunities.